The Dragons Gate campaign was founded in an effort to provide players a place that they can game when they can’t necessarily join a scheduled weekly game, or even a scheduled game of any sort. Perhaps your work schedule doesn’t allow it or your life is otherwise too crazy. We wanted to create a persistent world where anyone could drop in at any time and catch a game when it works for them. It’s doubtful we’ll ever fully reach that point but we are striving daily to get as close to that ideal as possible, so that all of you can play the game you love, when you want to play it. The idea has expanded greatly since that founding concept and while the original concept is still at the core of the project, we will also be running scheduled games and multi-session events for those who are better able to work with that type of schedule.

We’ve put a tremendous number of hours into world building and the behind the scenes mechanics to make this concept function and we’re not fooling ourselves into thinking we got everything perfect. As you grow accustom to Dragons Gate we look forward to hearing your thoughts and constructive feedback on how we can make this a better world to play in.

Our Guiding Principle

The Dragons Gate Campaign was founded with three primary goals in mind. Our guiding principle serves to both communicate those goals clearly, and to serve as a reminder for what we’re trying to do. Disagreements within our community, be it leadership, players, or any of the various layers of staff in between, should be considered from the perspective of these stated goals.

A Place to Play

We’re here because we love to play tabletop RPGs. Unfortunately, our schedules aren’t always such that we can commit to a regular play session or to a long term campaign. Our first goal is to create a gaming community where a person can come when they want to play. A place where the don’t feel left behind, and still feel relevant, even if its been a month since their last game. We seek to offer both scheduled, and non-scheduled games, across all time zones, to make sure that folks always have a chance to play the game they love, regardless of schedule.

In a perfect world, there would never be a time when someone who wanted to play couldn’t get in on a game. In reality however, we have to worry about level ranges, group sizes, and GM availability. Despite these challenges, we do our best to be as inclusive as possible and try to get as many games for as many people as we can.

A Living World

The world we strive to create should be interesting, constantly evolving, and ever dangerous. Perils, treasure, and promise are common terms that describe the many locales of the landscape. The complex politics should continuously overshadow the small town happenings of the land. Player actions should be relevant. Civil wars will break out, revolutions arise, civilizations may rise or crumble. Our players should be able to craft this world through their actions, our GM’s should strive to reflect this as best they can.

This player agency should not be reserved for the higher level characters. Everyone should feel relevant.

The world is full of reward but so too is it full of risk and consequence. Death should be a threat, but it should never come out of nowhere. Actions cause reactions. In a world with player character agency, one must consider the repercussions.

A Positive Community

We’d like to build a pleasant community where people enjoy each others company. Not everyone is going to like everyone else, all the time, but there should never be a time when one person is being inconsiderate, rude, or obnoxious to one another. We will strive to keep our community (IRC in particular) free from these behaviors, as well as free from whining. Feedback is always welcome but should be done considerately.

Dragons Gate